G&M represents injury victims. While the most common type of injury claim occurs as a result of an automobile collision, people are also injured following a slip and falls, work place incident, medical malpractice and nursing home neglect/abuse, dangerous medications, and defective products. Mike Gedgoudas and Brian Miller have over 40 years of combined experience represents injury victims. Call us now to discuss your case!

Who is Gedgoudas and Miller

In a world where clients are seen as just another case, we are different. Gedgoudas and Miller treat people the right way. He knows that you are going through a very difficult time and he wants to be by your side to guide you through the entire process. Gedgoudas and Miller treat clients like people, not paychecks.


G&M is a specialty personal injury law firm based in Birmingham, Alabama, although we represent clients across the southeast.  What sets our firm apart from others is that we offer personalized representation.  At G&M clients deal directly with the attorneys from start to finish.  We do not send support staff to meet with clients and are available to discuss your case at any time.  In fact, Mike and Brian publish our cellular phone numbers to each client, so we can be reached day or night.

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Our Philosophy

From your first consultation through the end of your case, you will work directly with one of our legal partners, not a paralegal or associate. We spend time with our clients to fully understand the issues in your case. We don’t send assistants or junior associates to client meetings, we personally take the time to meet with you and spend time getting to know you and your case. That level of commitment carries through each engagement from beginning to end. Throughout the course of your case, we’ll listen to you and we give you the best advice possible, but we’ll always remember that ultimately, you are in charge. We know that we work for you and our job is to get you the maximum compensation. Throughout the process, we’ll make recommendations and provide expert guidance, but the final decision is always up to you.Under the civil justice system in the United States accountability takes place in the courtroom. As such, we are trial lawyers. From the outset, each client’s case is investigated and prepared as we expect the case to try before a Judge or Jury. Only after such detailed investigation and preparation is it possible to resolve your case and obtain the maximum recovery at settlement. If settlement does not take place to the client’s satisfaction, we are then prepared to try the case.


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