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I was injured in an accident. How do I pay for your attorney’s fees?
AThis is the good news. I do not charge a fee up-front. I only earn a fee based on a percentage of your recovery. Also, I pay all claims related expenses myself and am only reimbursed if I make a recovery for you.
Who will pay for the damages to my car?
AI handle the property damage claims on behalf of my client free of charge. When doing so, I force the at fault insurance company pay for the damages. Why should you make the claim to your insurance company and have to pay the deductible?
Will the insurance company provide me with a rental car while my car is being repaired?
AYes. In most cases, the at-fault party’s insurance company will provide a rental car after they accept liability for the accident until your car is repaired.
How much will the insurance company pay me for the damages to my car if it is a total loss?
AThe fair market value is all that is allowed under law. In most cases, people owe less for their car than the fair market value amount. When that occurs, two checks are written: one to the owner of the car and one to the lien holder.
If you are “upside down” in your car, owe more than you owe the live holder, we need to determine if you have “gap insurance.” Gap insurance covers the difference between the fair market value and the amount owed to the lien holder. If you do not have gap insurance, then I work as hard as possible to make sure we maximize the property damage settlement in order to lessen the amount you may be personally liable for to the lien holder.
Who will pay for my medical bills and when will they be paid?
AYour medical insurance will cover most of the medical expenses. This is true for private health insurance or government subsidized health care plans. After you have completed treatment, I attempt a settlement of your claim for an amount to compensate you for your medical expenses, pain and suffer, mental anguish, and lost wages. If your health insurance paid your medical expenses, then they are due by law to be reimbursed from the settlement.
If you do not have health insurance, I can locate a medical provider who will treat you under what is called a Letter of Protection. The medical provider will not attempt to collect on the medical bills until your claim is resolved. When the claim is resolved, the doctors are paid for their services. Through my years of experience, I have made contacts with some of the best doctors in the State and will see to it that you receive proper medical attention for your injuries.
Do I have to file a lawsuit? I do not want to go to court.
A The majority of claims settle before a lawsuit is filed. However, at times, the insurance company gives us no choice but to file suit in order to obtain a reasonable recovery for your damages.